Middle Managers Class Batch 16 decides on batch name

The Middle Managers Class (MMC) Batch 16 of the Public Management Development Program (PMDP), which opened just last November 17, 2017, has picked the name Sangbigkis by which their class will be known henceforth.

Following is how the class explained the choice, an integral output of the very first module of their Residential Phase: Peak Performers in the Public Sector (PPPS) Phase 1 conducted by Mr. Sofronio F. Llorin.


Middle Managers Class Batch 16 (MMC 16) is a group of 34 High Performing High Potential public servants across 23 agencies of the Philippine bureaucracy, which shall henceforth be known as “SANGBIGKIS”.  MMC 16 is the youngest batch of the MMC program with the mean age of 38, all coming from various fields of specialization and representing different regions of the nation.

SANGBIGKIS” originated from the compounded Filipino words “ISA”, which came from the Malayan word “SATU” that means “ONE”; and “BIGKIS” that translates to “BOND”. MMC 16 scholars possess varying cultures, beliefs and traditions interwoven by the mutual goal of finding unity amidst diversity.   Embodying the values of Integrity, Nationalism, Teamwork, Accountability, Competency and Tenacity, we commit to serve and inspire the community by creating a culture of convergence in public management and leadership towards effective and efficient public service.  We see ourselves as a proactive network of exemplary upright and patriotic world-class leaders and managers, aiming for a synergistic government bureaucracy.

While we differ in characters, preferences and values, we will unleash the peak performer in each individual to give birth to the new breed of leaders in our government through our collective dedication, synchronized efforts and deep passion for public service and commitment. We accept the challenge of bringing out the best versions of ourselves through the Public Management Development Program – to think more strategically, creatively and critically for a more professional and stronger civil service.

As one, we will take each step of this MMC journey together, working with our respective strengths and complementing each other’s weaknesses towards our completion of the program, conferment of Masters of Development Management and be the High Performing and High Potential leaders that our esteemed government and beloved country deserves.

Together, we are stronger!
Together, we are greater!
Together, we are worthy, because we are MMC Batch 16, SANGBIGKIS! Mahusay!

The logo of MMC 16, newly minted as Sangbigkis.