MMC 15 launches batch name

ENGGRANAHE BATCH NAME LAUNCHSeated from left to right: Sofronio F. Llorin, Ermarie Mondejar (Director, DAPCC-Tagaytay), Arsenia Gavero (Class Director, MMC 15), Monina De Armas (Academy Registrar), Dr. Orly Mercado (Dean, DAP Graduate School), and Nanette C. Caparros (Managing Director, PMDP). The 26 members of MMC 15, Enggranahe, proudly stand behind while holding symbols of their chosen batch name.

The Public Management Development Program’s (PMDP’s) Middle Managers Class Batch 15, which opened last July 15, 2017, has chosen the name by which their class will be known hereon as part of their expected output for the module Peak Performers in the Public Sector (PPPS) Phase 1 led by Mr. Sofronio F. Llorin.


We are MMC Batch 15; we are 26 individuals who come from 13 agencies nationwide. Thereafter, we shall be known as Enggranahe, from the Filipino terms enggranahe” or “gir” or kambiyo” or “kambyo”, ang mga umiikot na bahaging mekanikal ng makina. (Mula sa Wikipediang Tagalog, ang malayang ensiklopedya)

We are High Performing High Potential Middle Managers who bring different government culture and whose individual skills complement each other. Like freshly minted gears, we each bring our own uniquely created shapes and sizes, like our personalities, competencies and individual aspirations. We are unique creations but each receives the protruding parts of other gears, efficiently and fitting each other perfectly in synergy. 

In synergy, each Batch Member fervently fosters the higher ideals of Greatness in Public Service to the Motherland. We pursue to answer our identified needs from the different parts of the country and vow to implement change and progress in our fields of expertise. Like a well-oiled machine with different cogs and gears, we will use our combined efforts to simultaneously effect positive change when we go back to our own agencies. We shall be co-creators of the future.

We vow to care and love and support each Batch Member towards achieving each other’s Master in Development Management Degree.

Enggranahe will be a perpetual machine which runs forever maintained by the oil of continued learning from among our own individual experiences and shared values as well as the continued sustenance of knowledge we receive from DAP and other institutions of learning. Above all, Enggranahe looks to the maintenance and intervention of the Hands of the Creator, so that we will be able to perform excellent feats of Progress for the Motherland.

Enggranahe shall continue into being, but in the moment that there is wear and tear—a faithful meeting with the Creator through death—we are ready with different parts, new gears who will enter the system through our conscious effort of teaching, mentoring, and coaching other technocrats who may one day take our place.

We vow to develop our replacements of High Performing High Potential individuals from our own organizations nationwide. Enggranahe, the perpetual machine, will continue in love for the higher purpose of progress for Filipinos. This will be our Legacy.

Enggranahe! Sulong!


The batch logo of Enggranahe, MMC 15.