as of January 9, 2018

Magdalena L. Mendoza
Senior Vice-President, Program Operations
Officer-in-Charge, DAP
Tel: (+632) 631 2157; Email: [email protected]

Bernardo A. Dizon
Senior Vice President, Services
Tel: (+632) 633 5572; Email: [email protected]

Dr. Allan S. Cajes
Officer-in- Charge, Graduate School for Public and Development Management
Vice President/Managing Director, DAP sa Mindanao
Email: [email protected]

Trygve A. Bolante
Vice President, Corporate Concerns Center (CCC) & Compliance Officer /
Managing Director, Center for Organizational Development (COD)
Tel: (+632) 637 5157; Email: [email protected]

Monina A.R. De Armas
Office of the Academy Registrar / Managing Director, Administrative Department /
Officer-in- Charge, Human Resource Management and Development
Tel: (+632) 633-5569; Email: [email protected]

Armand Tristan R. Suratos
APO Liaison Officer and concurrent Chief of Staff of the DAP OIC
Tel: (+632) 635 2844; Email: [email protected]

Ma. Felisa F. Magud
Officer-in- Charge, Institutional Marketing Center
Email: [email protected]

Maria Aurora O. Umali
Director, Corporate Communications Office
Email: [email protected]

Catherine S. Luzuriaga
Acting Director, Corporate Operations and Strategy and Management Office (COSM)
Tel: (+632) 631-2125; Email: [email protected]

Immanuel A. Magalit
Director, COD-Knowledge Information Development Office
Tel: (+632) 631 0921 loc 116; Email: [email protected]

Rizalito E. Legaspi
Manager, APO/DAP Secretariat
Email: [email protected]

Marietta Q. Umbay
Program Manager, COD-Human Capital Development Office
Email: [email protected]

Michael L. Gapuz
Manager, Internal Audit Services (IAS)
Tel: (+632) 6310921 30 local 149; Email: [email protected]

Arnel D. Abanto
Vice President / Managing Director, Productivity Development Center (PDC)
Tel: (+632) 631 2137; Email: [email protected]

Imelda C. Caluen
Vice President / Managing Director, Center for Governance (CFG)
Tel: (+632) 631 0921 loc. 156; Email: [email protected]

Nanette C. Caparros
Managing Director, Public Management Development Program (PMDP)
Tel: (+632) 631 2162; Email: [email protected]

Dorothea Boy-Navarro
Officer-in- Charge, Sustainable Human Development Program
Email: [email protected]

Anatalia S.D. Barawidan
Acting Managing Director, Finance Department
Tel: (+632) 633 5571; Email: [email protected]

Ermarie A. Mondejar
Managing Director, DAP Conference Center – Pasig and Tagaytay
Tel: (+632) 631 0921 loc. 118 ; Email: [email protected]

Pag-asa L. Dogelio
Officer-in- Charge/Resident Director
DAP Conference Center-Tagaytay
Email: [email protected]

Monica D. Saliendres
Director, PDC-Productivity Development Research Office /
Officer-in- Charge, Modernizing Government Regulations Program Office
Tel: (+632) 631 2163; Email: [email protected]

Ma. Theresa A. Agustin
Director, PDC-Productivity and Quality Training Office

Evangeline M. Macariola
Director, PDC-Advocacy and Institutional Development Office
Tel: (+632) 631 0921 loc. 179; Email: [email protected]

Samuel C. Rosal
Director, PDC-Technology Management Office
Tel: (+632) 631 2156; Email: [email protected]

Racquel M. Barbecho
Program Manager, PDC-Government Quality Management Program Office
Email: [email protected]

Alvin P. Principe
Director, CFG-Operations Management Office
Tel: (+632) 631 2139; Email: [email protected]

Gilbert E. Lumantao
Director, CFG-Policy Research Office
Tel: (+632) 631 2139; Email: [email protected]

Ma. Rosario A. Ablan
Director, CFG-AO25 Secretariat
Tel: (+632) 631 2132; Email: [email protected]

Jannis T. Montanez
Officer-in- Charge, CFG-Local Governance and Development Office
Email: [email protected]

Sheryl D. Reyes
Program Manager, PMDP-Monitoring, Evaluation and Knowledge Management

Carmelita F. Young
Program Manager, PMDP-Promotions and Advocacy and Recruitment
Email: [email protected]

Maritess D. Solomon
Officer-in- Charge, SHDP-Environment and Sustainable Development Unit
Email: [email protected]

Melonie J. Tejol
Officer-in- Charge, SHDP-Human Development Unit
Email: [email protected]

Myra G. Julia
Officer-in- Charge, DAP sa Mindanao Office
Email: [email protected]

Ma. Felicidad F. Billedo
Program Manager, GSPDM-Health Sector and Social Protection Cluster Leadership and
Governance Program
Email: [email protected]

Marichelle D. Lumingkit
Program Manager, GSPDM-Rural Integrated Area Development Program
Email: [email protected]

Nelson L. Casalan
Acting Director, Admin-General Services Division
Email: [email protected]

Rodel DV. Castillo
Acting Director, Admin-Logistics Division
Email: [email protected]

Leonida DL. Apolinario
Acting Director, Admin-Research Support Services Division
Tel: (+632) 631 2138; Email: [email protected]

Remus Romano A. Reyes
Director, DAP Secretariat for the Bids and Awards Committee
Email: [email protected]

Richa S. Tibo
Director, HRMDD-Human Resource Management Division
Email: [email protected]

Jocelyn Y. Denaco
Acting Director, Treasury Division
Email: [email protected]

Irma M. Mendoza
Acting Director, Accounting Division
Email: [email protected]

Marilyn P. Son
Acting Director, Budget Division
Email: [email protected]

Ma. Aurora D. Cabrera
Manager, DAPCC-Food and Beverage Services
Email: [email protected]

Renato P. Agunod
Manager, DAPCC-Rooms and Facilities Services
Email: [email protected]

Danilo C. Filarca
Manager, DAPCC-Support Services
Email: [email protected]

Melchorito A. Lepardo
Manager, Facilities Marketing and Sales Office
Email: [email protected]

Veronica V. Ferrer
Manager, DAPCC-Pasig
Tel: (+632) 631-2148; Email: [email protected]