The Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP), through its Productivity  and Development Center, in partnership with the Asian Productivity Organization  (APO), an intergovernmental organization in the Asia-Pacific region, is conducting the  Workshop on Modern Food Transportation and Regulation on 13 to 15 July 2021  via Zoom.  

The workshop will highlight the importance of smart transformation of food  transportation in member countries to meet modern consumers’ needs such as timely  delivery, high quality, and safe food from secure sources. This goal is anchored on the  commitment and key result areas of the APO in reference to its newly launched Vision  2025 striving for an “inclusive, innovation-led productivity growth in Asia and the  Pacific. 

Moreover, the three-day virtual activity will discuss highly relevant topics which  mainly focus on Global Trends, Challenges, Policy/Regulatory Responses, and  Opportunities in Food Transportation, Modern Delivery System with the use of  Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Cold Chain Logistics in Response  to Covid-19, and International Standard on Temperature-Controlled Parcel Delivery Service (ISO23412). The duration of each day’s sessions will be around four hours  comprising of presentations, interactive group discussions, and other relevant  collaborative learning methods. 

 Expected to be attended by some 30 foreign and local participants from  Bangladesh, India, Islamic Republic of Iran, Malaysia, Pakistan, Republic of China, Sri  Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, and Philippines, the workshop will also be graced by  experts and presenters on agricultural economy, cold chain management using state 

of-the-art technologies, and relevant management systems, particularly ISO  23412:2020. 

This initiative is part of the virtual programs conducted under the Digital Multi Country programs of the APO. This is pursuant to the unified goal of the DAP and APO  to promote innovative interventions, approaches and best practices across all sectors  of the economy, foster the development forces at work both in national and regional  scale, and bolster the institutional infrastructure crucial to sustained productivity  improvement. Indeed, the APO and the National Productivity Organizations (NPOs)  have continuously lived up to their commitment to contribute to the socioeconomic  development of Asia and the Pacific through the enhancement of productivity. 

The DAP, as the country’s National Productivity Organization, and the APO, hope to continuously impact food transportation and logistics at all levels — national,  local or even global in the coming years. For more information, visit or email