(Left to right) DAP Fellow Jacinto C. Gavino, Jr., ANFLOCOR Senior Vice President Ricardo R. Floirendo, DAP President and CEO Engelbert C. Caronan, Jr., and DAP sa Mindanao Managing Director Jo-Ann Emilene de Belen during their meeting at the ANFLOCOR Corporate Center in Lanang, Davao City last July 18.

DAP President and Chief Executive Officer Atty. Engelbert C. Caronan Jr., DAP sa Mindanao Managing Director Jo-Ann Emilene A. de Belen, and DAP Fellow Jacinto C. Gavino Jr.  met with Anflo Management and Investment Corporation (ANFLOCOR) Senior Vice President Ricardo R. Floirendo in Davao City last July 18 to apprise him on the status Leadership and Management Workshop that the Academy is conducting for ANFLOCOR managers.  The workshop is the first module of the ANFLOCOR group-wide Leadership Development Program for Managersbeing undertaken by the DAP which will culminate in February next year.

De Belen informed Floirendo that the managers are expected to conceptualize and implement ANFLOCOR-wide projects as deliverables of the leadership program.

“We are here to listen to them… they should feel that they can communicate to us,” Floirendo said in expressing his approval of the activity, citing that it is an opportunity for a better flow of communication between the management and their subordinates.  Floirendo likewise accepted De Belen’s invitation to sit as panelist during the participant’s presentation of the projects.

“The role of the management is to draw out the experiences of the workers,” Caronan said as he emphasized how this would help leaders understand their subordinates better as individuals and as workers.  Moreover,  Gavino added that it is essential for the management to understand the collective identity of their employees, as part of the workgroup and of their family, for a productive working relationship as he reiterated the importance of  developing listening skills among leaders.

Floirendo shared his intent to train ANFLOCOR’s upper management to help them become more receptive to the employees as well as conduct another run of the leadership program their assistant managers and other managers next year.  He also agreed to run subset leadership program for the next generation of the Floirendos to transform them into good managers and owners in running the conglomerate. This is in the hope of continuing the legacy of ANFLOCOR as a leading management and investment company in Mindanao while contributing to the sustained upliftment of quality of life in the region. –Fatima dela Cruz