The Development Academy of the Philippines, through its Center for Governance, recently concluded the “2018 Customer Satisfaction Survey” for the National Transmission Corporation, with the results revealing that the primary customers of the TransCo were satisfied with the services provided to them, which means that the government’s power transmission agency has been able to sustain the level of satisfaction of its customers since 2015.

A total of 114 respondents representing the primary customers of the TransCo was interviewed face-to-face.  They came from the Distribution Utilities, the Renewable Energy Developers, the Utility Management Department customers, and the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines as the survey sought to determine the level of satisfaction of the TransCo’s primary customers and to identify factors and relationships affecting their satisfaction, along with opportunities for improvement.

The data gathering was conducted nationwide from November 7-December 14, 2018.  The said survey was administered in accordance with the “Standard Methodology for the Conduct of the Customer Satisfaction Survey” issued by the Governance Commission of Government-owned and controlled corporations early in the same year.

These new supplemental guidelines provide a standard methodology to streamline the administration of third-party customer satisfaction surveys that GOCCs must adopt.  This methodology aided the GCG in categorizing GOCCs based on their mandate, nature of business, services and products as well as customers, in identifying the research design and methodology to be used and the primary customers to be covered, and in developing the customized questionnaires to be utilized during the survey.

The TransCo commissioned the DAP to conduct its customer satisfaction survey from 2015-2017 as part of its yearly performance evaluation.  To build on the results of these surveys, the TransCo again engaged the DAP for the fourth time to conduct this latest survey.