The Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP), through its Productivity  and Development Center’s Modernizing Government Regulations (MGR) Program,  guested in the DZME’s iARTA na sa Serbisyong Bayan of the Anti-Red Tape Authority  (ARTA) on 1 June 2021. iARTA na sa Serbisyong Bayan is a public service  radio/online show that features the initiatives of ARTA on streamlining and  reengineering efforts of government agencies, and other reforms on ease of doing  business in the country.



The interview focused on the partnership of the DAP and ARTA to advocate for  the adoption of good regulatory practices and conduct of regulatory impact  assessment (RIA) for priority government agencies. DAP Vice President Arnel D.  Abanto highlighted the goal of the MGR Program to contribute to the national  government’s efforts to improve ease of doing business by 1) enhancing the capability  of regulatory agencies to develop smart regulations and 2) reviewing regulations and  coming up with actionable recommendations on how to improve the industry regulatory  environment. 

Through the project between the DAP and ARTA, 24 government agencies  were recently trained on the conduct of advanced RIA, as required by the Republic  Act No. 11032 or the Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service  Delivery Act of 2018. RIA is a systematic approach that helps ensure the quality and  coherence of regulations and non-regulatory alternatives through a consistent and  evidence-based analysis. DAP Vice President Abanto also shared that the DAP  continuously provides ARTA with regulatory reform study findings and  recommendations on priority industries in line with ARTA’s Program to streamline  business processes as well as adopt approaches for more efficient and seamless processes across government agencies.

The interview emphasized as well the DAP’s Regulatory Cost Model (RCM)  

Calculator developed by the MGR Program which is a web-based tool that facilitates  the estimation of compliance costs of existing and proposed regulations on business, organizations, and individuals. The RCM Calculator helps government agencies in  identifying areas where undue regulatory burden can be diminished.  

Through the radio program, the DAP was able to promote the timely  collaboration between ARTA and DAP for the adoption of good regulatory practices  and conduct of RIA as the DAP continues to provide its knowledge and expertise to  contribute in the improvement of regulations in the country. It also provided recognition  of the various initiatives of the DAP related to regulatory reform for which the host  quipped “meron pa lang mina ng ginto diyan [DAP] VP”.