Transformation, renewal and change lie at the heart of the good news of salvation. Yet, we need to underscore that our humanity and our relationships are of primary importance whether or not we rise or fall. There are a number of things I would like to remind all as we observe this holiest of seasons:

First, guard our hearts. It is the heart that must be made wise.

Second, there must be trust and loyalty to the institution one serves and its duly designated leadership. While trust is earned, loyalty is due by virtue of the organization you join.

Third, we should humble ourselves. Pride is the greatest sin so we should set aside ego. Humility must be perceived and felt especially by those under us.

Fourth, discipleship calls for the leader to be a servant. These are among the important lessons of Christianity.

In law, substance and procedure always go together. The rule of law is intended to bring order, harmony, equity and justice.

Let us give due respect and compliance with the rule of law even as we undertake the process of change. Gold, after all, is tested by fire, and so should we as Christians.

I thus pray for the Development Academy of the Philippines as I pray for each one of us to do our best in whatever circumstance we find ourselves.

I pray for our families, for their constant support for our noble work of public service. I bless you all with love, joy and peace during this holy season.


Dr. Elba S. Cruz