Philippine Standard Time
Friday, February 26, 2021 6:14 AM

Philippine Standard Time
Friday, February 26, 2021 6:14 AM

Regulatory Agencies | Housing and Land Use Regulatory Boardtion

Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board


1. PLANNING : (EO 648; EO 72; RA 7279)

Formulate guidelines for Comprehensive Land Use Plans (CLUPs)

Render technical assistance to LGU’s in CLUP preparation and to members of Provincial Land Use Committee (PLUC) and Regional Land Use Committee (RLUC) in CLUP Review.

Review and ratify CLUPs of highly urbanized cities (HUCs) and independent component cities (ICCs) and review CLUPs of Metro Manila

Update and revise the National Urban Development and Housing Framework under the direction of HUDCC

Train LGUs in subdivision plan approval and zoning enforcement

2. REGULATION: (EO 648; EO 90; EO 71; EO 72; PD 957, 1216, 1344; BP 220; RA 7899; RA 9904; RA8763 (Sec.26));

Register and license subdivision and condominium projects, farm lots, memorial parks and columbaria.

Monitor development and construction of registered/licensed projects.

Update and revise rules, guidelines and standards on housing and real estate.

Approve Master Deed and Declaration of Restrictions of condominium project, and any amendment or revocation thereof decided upon by a simple majority of all registered owners (concurrently with City or Municipal Engineer).

Issue Locational Clearances for projects considered to be of vital and National or Regional Economic or Environmental significance.

Register and supervise HOAs.

Register real estate brokers, dealers and salesmen engaged in selling projects under HLURB jurisdiction.

3. ADJUDICATION: (EO 648; RA 9904, 8763 (Sec. 26))

Disputes between subdivision lot or condominium unit buyer and developer.

Intra- and Inter-Homeowners associations disputes.

Appeals from decisions of local zoning bodies.


To promulgate and enforce policies on land use, housing and homeowners associations which promote inclusive growth and economic advancement, social justice and environmental protection for the equitable distribution and enjoyment of development benefits.


An institution of professionals exemplifying public service with responsibility, integrity, competence and justice geared towards the attainment of well-planned and sustainable communities through the regulation of land use, housing development and homeowners associations, and the just resolution of disputes.



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Telephone No. +632-373-1811, (02) 927-27-31

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