The Public Management Development Program (PMDP) formally opened the sixteenth batch of the Middle Managers Class (MMC) on November 17, 2017, at the Development Academy of the Philippines Conference Center in Tagaytay City. A total of 35 scholars from 16 regions passed the meticulous selection process and were bestowed the privilege of participating in the program or the erstwhile National Government’s Career Executive Service Development Program (NGCESDP). The newest batch of scholars represents 22 government agencies, among which are the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA) who sent scholars to the PMDP for the first time.

MGen. Restituto F. Padilla Jr. delivering the keynote speech for the MMC 16 Opening Ceremony.

Major General Restituto F. Padilla Jr., Spokesperson and The Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans, J5, of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), was the keynote speaker for the event. “I am grateful to be given the honor and privilege to speak before all of you, public servants who are considered to be the best among the rest. You are the cream of the crop of the country. You will not be here if you are not because your presence here is a testament enough not only to your abilities as public servants in the years that you have served, but also to the kind of public service that you have given throughout your careers in government,” he spoke to the PMDP scholars. He then proceeded to talk of the virtues of public service, his experiences as a public servant, and the realities in the fight against terrorism in Mindanao. He even shared three videos about the armed conflict in Marawi City during his keynote speech.

Mr. Anthony S. Landig, MMC Batch 15 Enggranahe Class President, hands over the microphone to Ms. Jera C. Armendarez, MMC Batch 16 Representative.

MMC Batch 15 Enggranahe Class President, Police Chief Inspector Anthony S. Landig, posed The Challenge for Excellence to the MMC Batch 16, as the tradition goes when welcoming a new batch in the course. In his speech, Mr. Landig said, “We imbibe the culture of excellence and lead in the values of commitment, competence, and integrity. Therefore, my fellow scholars, failure is not an option. The challenge [is] either to maintain the tradition of excellence or exceed the expectations.” His challenge was met with a resounding, “Yes!” from the MMC Batch 16.

Armendarez responds to The Challenge for Excellence posed by MMC Batch 15 Enggranahe.

On behalf of MMC Batch 16, Ms. Jera C. Armendarez, Medical Officer IV from the Department of Health (DOH), accepted the challenge from MMC Batch 15 “We are ready to submit ourselves in order to sharpen us in preparation for an even more challenging work [to be encountered] in the future,” she pledged on behalf of her fellow batchmates.

The Middle Managers Class is designed for “High Performing and High Potential” (HP-HP) incumbents of SG 20 to 24 positions, aged 50 years and below. It is delivered in a five-month Residential Training with working breaks in between, including a ten-day Sensing Journey, and a Re-Entry Project conceptualization and implementation for six months.