The PMDP boasts of facilities highly-conducive to the scholars’ learning, as the country’s future leaders.

The DAP Conference Center

Located in the cool and beautiful city of Tagaytay, the perfectly greened Development Academy of the Philippines Conference Center serves as second home of our scholars.

The DAP Conference Center has been the silent witness of all PMDP scholars success and feats. But more than that, it is the place where middle managers and senior executives of the country gather to learn from the outstanding faculty and distinguished resource persons, which together shape them into the best public managers for the bureaucracy.


Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center is primarily for the use of the scholars. It is open for room use and for borrowing and returning of books during the PMDP Session days from Monday to Friday or Saturday, 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM, 12:00 NN to 1 PM, and 5:00 PM to 8 PM.

Properly archived in the Learning Resource Center is the complete collection of various educational materials, Re-Entry Projects of PMDP alumni and a special collection of books on Management Leadership on-loan to PMDP by Professor Sofronio Llorin.

Scholars may use the computers in the LRC if they need to print out PMDP outputs, requirements and other such materials.

The Library Manager may issue a referral letter to facilitate the scholar’s need for materials that are not available in the LRC but are available in other public and academic libraries.


Other facilities

At DAP Conference Center, the facilities are crafted with the scholars’ well-being and harmony in mind. Other facilities include a 24-hr gym, indoor sports room, teambuilding grounds, souvenir shop, and a social hall.