The PMDP draws inspiration from, and in turn supports the vision, direction and values, as articulated in the President’s Social Contract with the Filipino people.

Being the original creator of CESDP, the Executive Department designated DAP as the implementing agency of the PMDP. DAP has the institutional experience of running this program and it has the requisite facilities to maximize the value of a residential program.

The PMDP is the Philippine government’s response to the need for a corps of ethical, committed and development-oriented officials in the bureaucracy who will drive performance in the agencies and push the agenda for change and sustained progress.

The goal of the PMDP is to foster careerism in government and promote stability in the bureaucracy by producing a corps of development-oriented, competent, dedicated and honest government senior executives and middle managers within the medium term.



Furthermore, the Program aspires to be an intensive MBA for the public sector and produce graduates who are technically excellent, networked and imbued with a deep sense of mission to upgrade the life of every Juan and Juana.